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Minutes of League meeting 04Sep18

League Meeting 4 September 2018 held at Ambleside Club


Chairlady Kay Ford opened meeting.

Kay read the minutes of the last meeting (AGM 24 July 2018).
Proposed by Linda Buckley.  Seconded by Carol Burrell. Agreed.



1) Tricia Smith apologised for her absence.

2) Linda Buckley on closure of Southend Conservative Club. The team has relocated to Westcliff British Legion and has been renamed Misfits.

3) Wendy Brooks response to letter sent from committee.

4) Jane Schroder resigned as treasurer. This was due to Angels folding and her moving teams to Windermere where there are already 2 committee members, and the Constitution prohibits more than 2 members from one team.

In response to Jane’s letter, Kay is not willing to accept the resignation. Kay proposed a breach of the 2 committee members per team rule for the season until a capable replacement can be found.

The vote was unanimous in favour of this proposal.

Welcome packs

Welcome packs for the new season were given out and the contents explained. This includes fixture booklet for each player and one for each venue.

League match home & away result cards. Ample cup & league cards have been supplied and a few spare – if anymore are needed they will be supplied for a fee. Old result cards should no longer be used as the quality was updated so please discard them and only use the new ones.
Please don’t forget to put the team names on your result cards – the results can’t be updated if the team name is not supplied.

No change – away card to Jane, home card to Trish.

D&J Cup draw is on the website and will be updated each round, any problems you can always text Trish. Jane suggested that the website would be updated quicker if results were sent to her straightaway. Agreed that winners of cup matches are to text/WhatsApp their results to Jane.


It was noted that due to the closure of Southend Conservative Club, the only large venue in the league is the Eagle Club and so all the large cups will be held there.

It was noted that Ambleside Club is not available for the Xmas Draw so various venue options were discussed, including Eagle Club, Leigh Constitutional Club and Trinity Club. Please feedback your team’s views to Trish by Monday 10 September. The committee will then decide and book a venue.


Individual team members’ fees have been paid.

Due to bank account being in surplus there are no team registration fees this year, and no meeting fees.


Next meeting Tuesday 2 October 2018, 8pm at Ambleside

Requirements for November meeting:
1. Xmas draw tickets will be given out – 5 books per registered player.

Meeting closed 8.36pm.
Minutes taken by Kristie Yeoman

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