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Minutes of League meeting 03Oct17

League Meeting 3 October 2017 held at Ambleside Club


Chairperson opened the meeting and apologised for missing the last meeting. SCC will be arriving about 8.15pm.
Secretary read minutes from last meeting (5 September 2017).
Proposed by Doreen Adams. Seconded by Carol Burrell. Agreed.

There was one letter – Angels are moving venue from 16 October, from Hockley British Legion to Leigh Constitutional Club. They will still be known as Angels.

We would like to welcome Sasha Bush (Eagle Club) onto the committee.


Children’s Christmas party – cancelled

Names and monies for the children’s Xmas party were handed in. 45 names were given in which did not meet the minimum requirement of 50 children.
Lynn Remmer said that Angie Hicks has offered to pay the shortfall so the party could go ahead.
It was decided that the committee would stay behind after the meeting to discuss this.

[Addendum: Committee agreed it was not feasible as even with the shortfall paid for it would still run at a loss. The party will NOT take place this year.
Monies were returned on the night to the teams represented on the committee. Drifters’ monies were returned to Emma Hawkes by Jane Schroder on Sunday 8 Oct.]

Ladies Pairs

Names and fees were handed in. Competition will be held at the Eagle Club on 9 November and the draw will take place at 8pm sharp! Both players must be present and ready to play so it’s best to get there for 7.45pm to check-in. If you are not coming please let Tricia or Teresa know.

Mixed Pairs

Names and fees were all handed in, and all were reminded that no men who have played super league or county darts in the last 5 years are eligible. It’s up to you to check.
The competition will be held on 23 November at Southend Conservative Club and the draw will take place at 8pm sharp! Same as ladies pairs – both players must be present and ready to play so get there for 7.45pm to check-in. Linda and Gilly will be running the venue.

Male players should be mindful of their behaviour in this competition, and make sure that they are respectful of the Committee members and all the ladies of the League. This is our league and they have been invited to play in it.

Christmas Draw – Friday 15 December at Ambleside

Xmas draw books will be delivered to teams by Monday. 5 books per registered player. Any unsold tickets must be purchased by the player. DO NOT RETURN TICKETS UNSOLD.

Please ensure that name and team is written clearly on each stub, and that stubs are folded in 4. The stubs can either be brought to the next meeting or brought along on the draw night and put into the bag yourself.

Please encourage your players to sell as many as possible; Kay stressed that it is the only fundraising we do to help buy all the trophies. If you need additional tickets please see Secretary Tricia Smith; she will have them with her at the Pairs and next meeting.


SCC arrived at 8.15pm.

Treasurer: no meeting fees due to bank account being in surplus.


Next meeting Tuesday 7 November 2017, 8pm at Ambleside

Requirements for November meeting:
1. Triples names + fees
2. Xmas draw monies – please cash up at your bar/club before handing in, it’s not fair to weigh Jane down with too much change and have to spend time counting out bags of coins.
3. Xmas draw tickets (they can be taken along on the draw night if you prefer). Please fold into four – i.e. fold then fold again to make a square. Ensure your team name is on every ticket.
4. Xmas draw £10 raffle prize with receipt attached or £10 cash.

Meeting closed 8.22pm.
Minutes taken by Sandra Matthews

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