Southend & District Ladies Amateur Darts League

SDLADL - Southend & District Ladies Amateur Darts League

Agenda for League meeting 04Oct16

Agenda for League Meeting 4 Oct 2016 at Ambleside


  • Chairperson opens meeting
  • Secretary reads minutes from last meeting 6 September 2016

Proposed by                                                                      Seconded by

  • Matters arising
  • Any letters, to be read by Chairperson.
  • Have you handed in: Ladies pairs, Mixed pairs, Children’s party
  • Xmas Draw tickets handed out, 5 books per player.


  • Requirements for November meeting:
  1. Triples names + fees
  2. £10 raffle prize for Xmas draw. Alternatively £10 cash.
  3. All monies for Xmas draw tickets to be handed in. Ticket stubs can be brought along on the draw night. When returning the monies, please cash up behind the bar/club – no shrapnel please! It’s not fair for Jane to be counting out bags of coins.
  • Chairperson’s AOB
  • League Fees
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