Southend & District Amateur Ladies Darts League 2019-2020 Season
Cup Final Played on Winners Runners Up
League Winners N/A Eagle Club Jesters Ladies
Chris Bailey Memorial N/A Wanderers Flying Pockets
Captains' Cup 09-Dec Hazel Boxall - Jesters Ladies Tricia Smith - Wanderers
Vice Captains' Cup 09-Dec Karen Williams - Jesters Ladies Mary Swain - Wanderers
Secretaries' Cup 09-Dec Janet Goodwin - Flying Pockets Nadine Willett -  Red Arrows
D & J Cup 27-Jan Jesters Ladies The Drifters
Mr & Mrs 17-Feb Tina & Joe Kennedy Wendy & Steve Briscoe
Mixed Pairs 09-Mar Marie Holland & Dan Frost - The Drifters Ann Fryer & Joe Kennedy - The Drifters
Triples 23-Mar    
Ladies Pairs 06-Apr    
Grace Ford Cup 20-Apr    
Presidents Cup 27-Apr    
Litho Cup 27-Apr    
Caroline Barnes Cup 11-May    
Singles 18-May    
Highest Aggregate N/A Wendy Briscoe N/A
Highest Checkout N/A  
Shortest Game N/A  
180 N/A  
Bullseye Finish N/A