Southend & District Ladies Amateur Darts League  - P & E Draper Cup   Home Team - Complete result card as normal and post to Trish
Away Team - Text result to Jane - 07768 872092
1st Round 2nd Round Semi-Final Final
03 December 2018 07 January 2019 18 February 2019 21 February 2019
1 Red Arrows A   F WBL A   C Jesters Ladies A A Jesters Ladies
9 Drifters   D Windermere Ladies   B Eagle Club B Rainbow Trouts
2 Misfits B   H Eagle Club B   D Rainbow Trouts B
10 LCC   E Wanderers   A Windermere Ladies
3 Jesters Ladies C   C Jesters Ladies C Final Venue
11 Flying Pockets   A Red Arrows LCC
4 Windermere Ladies D   G Rainbow Trouts D
12 bye   B LCC
5 Wanderers E
x bye P & E Draper Cup Rules 3 Singles (301)  & 2 Triples (501) - All games best of 3 legs
6 WBL F Team to consist of 9 players.  All 9 players to be entered in draw. The 1st 3 players drawn play the single games. If a bye is drawn against a bye - for the single games only - the away team win that game. The next 3 players drawn will play a triple game, and so on. Where a player is drawn but not present, this player's throw is missed. 
x bye
7 Rainbow Trouts G
x bye The order in which the 5 games are played will be agreed by the Captains.
8 Eagle Club H
x bye