Southend & District Ladies Amateur Darts League

SDLADL - Southend & District Ladies Amateur Darts League

Agenda for League meeting 07Feb17

Agenda for League meeting 07Feb17 at Ambleside


  • Chairperson opens meeting
  • Secretary reads minutes from last meeting 1 November 2016.
    Proposed by                                                   Seconded by
  • Any letters, to be read by Chairperson.
  • Cup results: Mixed Pairs, D&J, Pairs
  • Christmas Draw: £345 profit on main draw plus raffle/bingo raised further £59.10
  • Behaviour of male players in Mixed Pairs competition
  • Requirements for this meeting:
    1. Singles names + fees
    2. Mr & Mrs names + fees. Please remember no players who have played Super League or County level in the last 5 years; it is your responsibility to check!
    3. £6 league fees (because no meeting in December or January)
  • Chairperson’s AOB
  • Next meeting 6 June; requirements for June meeting:
    1. All cups to be returned – CLEANED! You don’t have to get the polish out but please dust them off.
    2. Presentation tickets and monies
    3. Nominations for committee
    4. League fees will be £8 per team

Christmas Draw 2016

This year’s draw was held at the Ambleside with an amazing assortment of 80+ prizes in the main draw, plus many more for the raffle and the ever-popular bingo.

Enormous thanks to Kay Ford for all her hard work in getting all the prizes – including building up some great-looking hampers.

Happy Christmas everyone! x

Full list of prizewinners


Agenda for League meeting 01Nov16

Agenda for League Meeting 1 Nov 2016 at Ambleside


  • Chairperson opens meeting
  • Secretary reads minutes from last meeting 4 October 2016

Proposed by                                                                      Seconded by

  • Any letters, to be read by Chairperson.
  • Have Triples names + fees been handed in?
  • Have Xmas draw monies been handed in? (stubs can be brought along on the draw night if you prefer)
  • Has each team provided their Xmas draw £10 raffle prize with receipt attached or £10 cash?


  • Chairperson’s AOB:
    • Reminder that the captains/vice-captains/secretary’s cups are being run together at the Eagle Club on 23 January. Don’t forget each team must bring TWO x £5 raffle prizes.
    • Bring your chalker/checker too – it’s not fair to expect other teams to help you out and miss watching and supporting their own player.


  • League Fees
  • Next meeting 7 Feb 2017. Requirements:
    • Mr & Mrs names + fees
    • Singles names + fees
    • League fees of £6 per team (covering Dec/Jan/Feb)

Minutes of League meeting 04Oct16

League Meeting 4 October 2016 held at Ambleside Club


Chairperson opened the meeting. Jesters were not there but maybe they are parking or maybe they forgot.
Secretary read minutes from last meeting (6 September 2016).
Proposed by Doreen Adams.  Seconded by Wendy Brooks. Agreed.

There were no letters to be read.


Children’s Christmas party – cancelled

Names and monies for the children’s Xmas party were handed in. 40 names were given in so Jane Schroder asked if anyone could bring any more? The answer was no so the party will NOT take place this year. Jane explained that the entertainment costs £150, plus food and presents so it’s not viable to hold the party with so few kids. All monies were handed back.

Mixed Pairs

Names and fees were all handed in, and all were reminded that no men who have played super league or county darts in the last 5 years are eligible.
The competition will be held on 24 November at the Eagle Club. Event being run by Teresa and Tricia.

Ladies Pairs

Names and fees were handed in. Competition will be held at Southend Conservative Club on 15 October and the draw will take place at 8pm sharp! It’s no good saying your partner is parking etc, both players must be present and ready to play so it’s best to get there for 7.45pm to check-in.
The competition takes place on 10 November at SCC. Kay and Gilly are running the event.

Christmas Draw – Friday 9 December at Ambleside

Does everyone want bingo? –Yes. Bingo and background music.

Xmas draw books were given out – 5 books per registered player. Any unsold tickets must be purchased by the player. DO NOT RETURN TICKETS UNSOLD.
Please ensure that name and team is written clearly on each stub, and that stubs are folded in 4. The stubs can either be brought to the next meeting or brought along on the draw night and put into the bag yourself.
Please encourage your players to sell as many as possible; Kay stressed that it is the only fundraising we do to help buy all the trophies. If you need additional tickets please see Secretary Tricia Smith; she will have them with her at the Pairs and next meeting.


Reminder that the captain/secretary/vice-captain’s cups are being combined into 1 night, and that teams will need to bring TWO x £5 raffle prizes. For all prizes at cup matches, receipts are required.

We are still getting complaints about raffle prizes not being worth it. All prizes should be something worth winning, this includes league games too. No-one wants to pay a pound and see a table full of things from the 99p shop. If need be, reduce the number of prizes and improve the quality.

Result cards

Tricia said that she still has to wait for some result cards. She has been waiting for 2 weeks for cards from one team. This is unacceptable.

Carol Burrell (Plough Birds) asked where you put the reserve’s name. Jane pointed out that there are 10 lines on the card so there is plenty of room to write in a reserve.



Jesters did not arrive at the meeting.

Treasurer advised she had received £22 league fees.

Next meeting Tuesday 1 November 2016, 8pm at Ambleside

Requirements for November meeting:
1. Triples names + fees
2. Xmas draw monies – please cash up at your bar/club before handing in, it’s not fair to weigh Jane down with too much change and have to spend time counting out bags of coins.
3. Xmas draw ticket stubs (these can be taken along on the draw night if you prefer). Please fold into four – i.e. fold and fold again to make a square. Ensure your team name is on every ticket.
4. Xmas draw £10 raffle prize with receipt attached or £10 cash.


Meeting closed 8.28pm.

Minutes taken by Sandra Matthews

Agenda for League meeting 04Oct16

Agenda for League Meeting 4 Oct 2016 at Ambleside


  • Chairperson opens meeting
  • Secretary reads minutes from last meeting 6 September 2016

Proposed by                                                                      Seconded by

  • Matters arising
  • Any letters, to be read by Chairperson.
  • Have you handed in: Ladies pairs, Mixed pairs, Children’s party
  • Xmas Draw tickets handed out, 5 books per player.


  • Requirements for November meeting:
  1. Triples names + fees
  2. £10 raffle prize for Xmas draw. Alternatively £10 cash.
  3. All monies for Xmas draw tickets to be handed in. Ticket stubs can be brought along on the draw night. When returning the monies, please cash up behind the bar/club – no shrapnel please! It’s not fair for Jane to be counting out bags of coins.
  • Chairperson’s AOB
  • League Fees

Minutes of League meeting 06Sep16

League Meeting 6 September 2016 held at Ambleside Club


Chairlady opened meeting.

Since Chairlady Kay Ford was absent from last meeting (AGM 26 July 2016), she read the minutes so as to take it all in better.
Proposed by Tracey Jones.  Seconded by Lynn Remmer. Agreed.


Matters arising from the AGM

The Mr & Mrs Cup. Kay said this is a difficult one as it is a donated cup, and the people that donate cups have the say in how they are run. This is how it has always been. Is it fair to take away how it’s run? She noted that it was discussed at the AGM without being on the agenda.

Tracey Jones (LCC) spoke up about not wanting to change the name of the cup. It is not about that. It doesn’t need to be changed to a Couples Cup or Partners Cup, it could remain a Mr & Mrs Cup. It should have the same rules of play just with the equal opportunity for same-sex couples to play.

Tricia said that at the AGM the question was asked about same-sex couples playing and calling the cup a different name. Tricia stated that she has no problem with same-sex couples playing in the cup but the name of the cup must remain the same. She felt it had come across at the AGM that the cup name would have to be changed as well.

It was agreed that same-sex couples can play in the Mr & Mrs Cup and the name will remain the same. Same rules to apply. Only one league member can play otherwise the same-sex couple would have an advantage – some male partners that enter the competition only come out to play darts once a year.

Welcome packs

Welcome packs for the new season were given out and the contents explained. There are ample copies of everything so captains and secretaries have no excuse for not providing the correct paperwork at the correct time.

There is no laminated sheet for captains this year, everything is in your handbook. Everyone was very pleased with the new little books. So a big thank you and well done to Jane Schroder.
There is a separate white A4 fixture sheet for your pub/venue.

Please remember that to be eligible to play in individual cups e.g. mixed pairs, ladies pairs etc, you must be regularly playing league matches.  You must have played in 50% of the matches preceding the cup.


All team registration fees and individual team members’ fees have been paid.


The Captain’s Cup, Tracey Golding (Vice-Captain’s) Cup and Secretary’s Cup are all being played together on one night at the Eagle Club on 23 January 2017.
Each team must bring 2 (two) £5 raffle prizes instead of 3 £3 ones. This will be a busy night, hopefully with good support. Don’t forget to bring your chalkers and checkers.

Children’s Christmas party

Tickets are £5 per child.

Names and monies for the party are to be handed in at the next meeting. There is a lot of work involved in preparing for this so please note that no names will be accepted after the October meeting. We are hoping to get the same entertainers as last year as they were very good.



Treasurer advised she had received £24 league fees.


Chairlady wished everyone well this season, and please let Windermere win a cup or even just a game 😉


Next meeting Tuesday 4 October 2016, 8pm at Ambleside

Requirements for October meeting:
1. Ladies pairs names + fees
2. Mixed pairs names + fees – remember partners must not have played Super league or county darts in the last 5 years
3. Names and monies for children’s Xmas party also to be handed in. No names will be accepted after October meeting
4. Xmas draw books will be given out – 5 books per registered player.


Meeting closed 8.40pm.

Minutes taken by Sandra Matthews

Minutes of AGM 26Jul16

Annual General Meeting 26 July 2016 held at Ambleside Social Club


Chairlady Kay Ford was unwell and unable to attend. President Mel Nichols opened meeting.

Secretary Tricia Smith read minutes from last meeting (7 June 2016).
Proposed by Sue Davies.  Seconded by Tracey Jones. Agreed.
Secretary read a letter from Bloodwise, which is the UK’s biggest blood cancer charity, thanking us so much for the money donated in memory of Tracey Golding, whom we sadly lost to lymphoma in May. We donated £242.58 which was raised on the presentation night.
Denise Farrell (Red Arrows) and Joanna Hammerton (LCC) were nominated for committee. Denise sent a letter apologising for the previous season when she had to stand down due to family issues.
There being vacancies, no vote was required. There were no resignations.


The Treasurer’s report was presented to all attendees. Treasurer Jane Schroder asked for any queries. Tricia noted that cup final raffle income was down and Jane said that numbers attending were down. It was suggested that maybe do two colours of raffle ticket at all finals, and 3 colours at the bigger finals (Singles, Litho etc).
This year we ran at a loss. This was expected due to higher presentation costs for our 30th anniversary. The presentation went very well with the Mosound Sisters, a table magician, and special commemorative shot glasses for all attendees.

President Mel Nichols formally declared the season 2015/16 closed.


New season

President declared the 2016/17 season open.

The committee is as follows:

League Secretary       Tricia  Smith                Vice Secretary to be chosen from committee

Chairlady                     Kay  Ford                    Vice Chairlady            Maggie  Frost

Treasurer                    Jane  Schroder           Vice Treasurer            Joanna Hammerton

Committee members  Sandra Matthews (Wanderers)       Doreen Adams (WBL)
Teresa Schwendener (Windermere)              Chris  Stock (SCC)
Wendy Brooks (Flying Pockets)                     Denise Farrell (Red Arrows)
Carol Burrell (WBL)


Registration forms

These were distributed and they must be returned to Tricia Smith by 23 August at the very latest (4 weeks from now). The registration fee remains £2 per player.

The first league match will be 12 September. All the matches for that evening were read out so that all teams know where they are playing.

Tracey Golding

A letter was received from Southend Conservative Club about having a cup in memory of Tracey. We have 21 cups already so it was proposed that the Pat Golding Cup, which is the Vice-Captain’s cup, is renamed the Tracey Golding Cup. This is fitting since Tracey was SCC’s Vice-Captain and she had won the trophy in the past. Unanimous vote in favour of this proposal.

Chalkers and checkers

At the 2015 AGM it was unanimously agreed that in the Singles competition both players remain at the board to chalk/check next game (as in a league match) or must find a substitute to do so.

To clarify on other cup matches:

  • The individual cups – Captain’s, Vice-Captain’s, Secretary’s, President’s, Litho – you must bring a chalker/checker with you.
  • Where there is more than one player – Pairs, Triples – losers chalk and check.

It was recognised that some people have confidence issues. They can chalk and check at league matches but won’t do so at bigger cups. Please encourage your players. We all must remember to have patience. We have to bear in mind that it might be a physical thing too – not everyone is able to stand for a prolonged period to chalk or check.

Captain’s, Vice-Captain’s, Secretary’s Cups

It is often frustrating when no-one comes to support from your own team. To try and improve support and attendance at these cups, it was proposed that they be played on a Monday night at a single venue. For a one year trial on this. Vote was carried.


Sue Davies (Angels) forgot to put a letter in but asked that when we play larger venues, all the boards are used. Jane Schroder explained that Angels had won their semi-final in one room and then had to wait almost an hour to play the final, because the teams in the other semi-final hadn’t used both boards to begin with.

It was also pointed out that if your team is hosting a cup, you are expected to get there early and set up the venue ready to play. This means boards, oches, tables and chairs etc. This is the hosting team’s responsibility, the committee are not there to do it for you.

Mr & Mrs Cup

Tracey Jones (LCC) asked that same-sex couples be allowed to enter the competition. Tricia & Trevor Smith donated the cup and Tricia said no disrespect to you but it should remain as Mr and Mrs.

A discussion followed. It was suggested that a separate cup be offered. Jane Schroder noted that we have enough cups now plus it’s unlikely there’d be enough entries. Tracey Jones said that LCC players won’t enter the Mr & Mrs as a matter of principle while it excludes same-sex couples. It was suggested that same-sex couples could enter the Ladies Pairs but this would still be unfair and the Pairs requires both women to be league members, which might not be the case.

It was agreed by 9-3 that the proposal – to change the Mr & Mrs to a Couples Cup – should be taken back to teams to discuss and come back.


Next meeting Tuesday 6 September 2016, 8pm at Ambleside ready for start of league on Monday 12 September.

Monies required at next meeting:       £10      per team – registration fee
£2        per individual player – registration fee
£2        per team – League meeting fee.

Treasurer Jane Schroder asked if each team could give her an envelope with their team name on the front, the envelope to contain a list of monies and the money itself. This will make her job much easier.

Information packs will be given out to all teams at that meeting.
Meeting closed 9pm.

Minutes taken by Sandra Matthews

Minutes of League meeting 03Feb16

League Meeting 3 February 2016 held at Ambleside Club

Chairperson opened meeting.
Secretary read minutes from last meeting (3 November 2015).
Proposed by Maggie Frost.  Seconded by Sylvia Wildish. Agreed.


A card was received from children’s party attendees Harry, Lydia, Grace and Edith (Jan Osborne -SCC), thanking all involved for their hard work.

Cup Results

Mixed Pairs            Winners: Chris Stock & Ray Smith
Runners-up: Lynn Edwards & Ian Edwards

D&J Cup Winners: SCC                Runners-up: Eagle Club

Triples Winners: Wendy Jenkins, Michele Jenkins, Sue Furnell
Runners-up: Marie Clark, Maggie Appleton, Jane Schroder

Captain’s Cup Winner: Carol Burrell (Plough Birds)
Runner-up: Wendy Jenkins (Eagle Club)

Vice-Captain’s Cup Winner: Angie Hicks (Red Arrows)
Runner-up: Lisa White (Plough Birds)

Secretary’s Cup           Winner: Janet Goodwin (Flying Pockets)
Runner-up: Doreen Adams (Plough Birds)

Disappointing turnout for the Vice-Captain’s cup, which had only 5 in attendance. The Secretary’s Cup was short by 4, various people having made their apologies beforehand.

Maybe we need to combine a couple of cups and play them together on a Monday. To be discussed further at AGM.

Forthcoming competitions

Names and fees were handed in for the Mr & Mrs. Teams were reminded that players who have played Super league or County level darts in the last 5 years are not eligible to enter. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to check. The entry criteria is couples who are married or have lived together for at least a year. Couples playing in the Mr & Mrs cannot also play together in the Mixed Pairs; you can play together in one or the other but not both.

Names and fees were handed in for the Singles. Remember the draw will take place at 8pm sharp so don’t be late – parking is not an excuse.

Xmas Draw – held 13Dec15

Kay thanked everyone for selling their tickets and attending the draw.

Treasurer Jane Schroder advised that the evening made a profit of £600, which was £55 up on last year. The 2016 Draw is being booked, possibly for the last weekend in November.

Children’s Xmas party – held 6Dec15

Thank you to all committee and others who helped out. Despite a hitch with the booked entertainer dropping out just a few days before, it ended up a very good party.

Presentation night

This year’s presentation will be 15 July at Ambleside.  It is our 30th anniversary. We have asked for ideas but haven’t been inundated with responses.

Lynne Remmer suggested fancy dress. Teresa Schwendener said “well your team can come in fancy dress”.

We are planning extra entertainment for a very good night and have increased the ticket price to £5 this year, the first increase in living memory.

All cups must be returned to Jane Schroder by our next meeting in June. Please clean the trophy before returning it or you’ll be named and shamed and made to stand in the middle of the room and dust it!

Chairperson’s AOB

Nominations are required for committee members. We need people who can input into the running of the league and attend finals, as the same people are running them all the time. There are teams in the league who are not represented on the committee, and these were asked to consider nominating one of their members.


Treasurer advised she had received £72 league fees.

Next meeting Tuesday 7 June 2016, 8pm at Ambleside

Requirements for June meeting:
1. All cups to be returned – clean.
2. Presentation tickets and monies.
3. Nominations for committee.
4. £8 league fees (because no meetings in Mar, Apr, May).
These requirements are all listed on your sheet so please read it.


Meeting closed 8.34pm.

Minutes taken by Sandra Matthews

Tracey Golding

We are devastated by the death of Tracey Golding on 10 May 2016.

Tracey was a fine dart player and a kind and sincere person who brought warmth to any room. She was a core part of Southend Conservative Club’s team and a valued member of the League committee, always helping out with any task without ever needing to be asked.

Tracey handled her lymphoma diagnosis and treatment with extraordinary humour, strength and grace. She will be missed enormously by everyone that knew her; our heartfelt condolences to mum Barbara, daughter Victoria, and all the family.

Tracey’s funeral takes place on Wednesday 1 June, 1.20pm at Southend Crematorium. All are welcome and are asked to wear something pink – even just a scarf or buttonhole – as it was Tracey’s favourite.

2014 Presentation Night

2014 Presentation Night

Agenda for League Meeting 07Jun16

  • Chairperson opens meeting
  • Secretary reads minutes from last meeting 2Feb16.
    Proposed by                                                   Seconded by
  • Any letters, to be read by Chairperson.
  • Cup results.
  • 30th Annual Presentation Night.
  • Requirements for this meeting:
    1. All trophies to be returned
  • Chairperson’s AOB
  • League Fees